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You know how important a real estate purchase is to you. But what you may not know is how important title insurance is for protecting your investment.

What is title insurance?
Owner's title insurance protects your right to your home. By searching, clearing and insuring the title to your home before you buy it, your owner's title policy offers protection for your property rights for as long as you and your heirs own your home. If ownership of your property ever comes into question, an owner's title insurance policy protects you from expensive legal problems that could result in the loss of your home (Source: Fidelity National)

We offer years of experience and expertise in researching and preparing your title insurance, along with other services. We are backed by our underwriters, Chicago Title Insurance Company and Dakota Homestead.

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20 Reasons Why You Need Title Insurance

1. Forgery
2. Fraud in the execution of documents
3. Undue influence on a grantor of a deed
4. False impersonation by someone purporting to be the owner of the property
5. Errors in surveys
6. Undisclosed or missing heirs
7. Wills not properly probated
8. Misinterpretation of wills and trusts
9. Mental incompetence of a grantor of a deed
10. Transfer of title by a minor
11. Heirs born after the execution of a will
12. Incorrect legal descriptions
13. Non-delivery of deeds
14. Unsatisfied claims not shown on the record
15. Deeds executed under expired or false powers of attorney
16. Confusion due to similar or identical names
17. Dower or curtesy rights of spouses of former owners
18. Incorrect indexing of the land records
19. Clerical errors in recording legal documents
20. Delivery of deedcs after the death of the grantor

Source: Fidelity National pamphlet

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